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Proper Sanitation for Makeup Artists

As makeup artists, it’s our responsibility to protect the health of our clients. These are basic sanitation practices we should be practicing at all times, regardless of a pandemic. A reminder:

🧼 Only 70% isopropyl alcohol can sanitize cosmetics, per the CDC. Anything higher will evaporate too quickly to remain on the surface long enough to fully disinfect.

✨Of all your makeup products, pressed powders such as eyeshadows are said to be the least likely to carry bacteria and breed germs. However, better safe than sorry right now. I’ve been spraying my palettes and compacts with 70%, letting it sit for a few minutes, then wiping the surface of each pan with a tissue

✏️ Pencils: Before use, spray with 70%, sharpen, spray again, then wipe with a tissue.

💄 Lipsticks and other cream products such as concealers, cream blushes, and gel eyeliners: Use a metal spatula to scoop out and place the amount you need onto a metal palette or the back of your sanitized hand. Then pick up the product with a brush to apply. Under no circumstances do you use a fingernail to scoop out product.

Cream products cannot be sanitized because moisture breeds bacteria. Bacteria will spread throughout the liquid present in the formula and contaminate the entire product, that’s why it’s important to never double-dip.

💧Liquids: Same as with cream products, never dip your brush directly into the product, pour it out onto a metal palette or the back of your hand.

👁 NEVER use mascara straight from the tube on clients. Place the product on a metal palette or the back of your hand and use a disposable wand or a synthetic fiber fan brush to apply.

🌬 NEVER blow on your brushes, or on a fake eyelash to help dry the glue. Tap your brush on the edge of a hard surface to get rid of excess product, and fan the hand holding the lash back and forth to help dry the glue.

🧽 Sponges: Makeup sponges are porous and cannot be properly sanitized. They should be discarded after every use, or gifted to your client at the end of their appointment. This website sells excellent dupes for Beauty Blender sponges for just $1.00:…

🔪 Sharpeners: Spray with 70% and use a Q-tip to get into every crevice.

Stay safe!

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