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In the makeup world, a dupe is a product that is a similar color, formula, and/or quality to an already existing product. Typically a dupe is a drugstore copy of a high end product, and sometimes I like the dupe more! These are my favorites:

Too Faced "Better Than Sex" $23.00

L'Oreal Voluminous "Lash Paradise" $9.99

I knew this was going to be a dupe even before I tried the L'Oreal version, because of the packaging. Sometimes you'll see drugstore dupes in very similar packaging because the brand wants to make it obvious to you that this is a similar product, and therefore a good alternative. The brushes are very much alike, and the formulas are as well. They're thicker mascaras, so while they'll give you really full, dramatic lashes, they both tend to dry out pretty quickly and get clumpy. There are a few ways to fix this; You can run your tube of mascara under hot water for a bit to help soften the product, or you can add a few drops of Visine or contact solution to the tube.

MAC Studio Fix $30.00

Maybelline FIT me Matte + Poreless $10.49

I used to have only MAC Studio Fix powders in my kit, but one day I grabbed this Maybelline powder just to try it out and realized the finishes are almost identical. I literally would not be able to tell them apart without the packaging, and I reach for the FIT me powders a lot more. Maybelline also makes a FIT me "Set + Smooth" formula, which is a completely different finish and color range. For example, the 220 in "Set + Smooth" is several shades lighter than the 220 in "Matte + Poreless", so keep that in mind when you're purchasing.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner $16.00

Vaseline Lip Therapy "Rosy Lips" $4.39

This is actually a product that MAC has discontinued, so that makes finding the dupe even more satisfying. The Vaseline balm is almost the same exact color as a shade the MAC version came in, "Fuchsia Fix" (I couldn't find a picture of it, the shade "Petting Pink" is pictured), and I always have it in my purse!

NARS "Orgasm" $30.00

Milani "Luminoso" $10.49

Sometimes we gravitate towards certain colors, and find ourselves buying yet another white tank top or mauve lipgloss even though we already have 10 at home. That's what happened with my blush collection years ago, I was choosing similar colors instead of trying to branch out and have more of a selection. And of all the peach blush I had, I realized this one by Milani was basically the same color and finish as my NARS blush in "Orgasm", which is a favorite amongst professional artists, makeup lovers, and people who giggle at things with naughty names. The Milani version is slightly less pigmented than the NARS, but overall it's a very close match. Same peachy pink color with subtle gold shimmer, and a similar finish.

Benefit Hoola bronzer $29.00

Maybelline FIT me Set + Smooth powder in "Coconut" $10.49

I'm almost out of my Hoola bronzer, and the other day I went looking through my pressed powders to see if I had one in a similar color to hold me over until I can get a new one, and this was the winner! You have to layer the Maybelline powder on more because its more sheer than the bronzer is, but it's a very nice, smooth finish and almost the same color.

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