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F E N T Y 'Stunna' liquid lipsticks

When Rihanna unveiled FENTY Beauty last year, it was one of the most exciting brand launches in the history of cosmetics. Not just because it was Rihanna, but because of the quality of the products and the impressive range of foundation shades for black women, a demographic long ignored by the beauty industry despite their spending power. Thirty shades of beige and one or two shades of brown just aren't gonna cut it anymore, and FENTY has made inclusivity and representation mandatory if you want to compete.

On that same note, they released a liquid lipstick formula called 'Stunna' in one, universally flattering shade of red: "Uncensored." Its a true red with neutral undertones that's supposed to look good on every skin tone. I've been using it on myself and on clients for a couple of months, and I have to say it DOES.


I received this as a gift from my childhood friend Melina, and I'm so grateful because I never would have bought this for myself. I'm not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks in general. Most of them are drying and uncomfortable to wear. The Stunna formula applies like a dream and feels very light on the lips. It's not like traditional formulas that dry down super matte and are 100% transfer proof. Stunna dries down to more of a comfortable, soft matte, and will transfer a bit when first applied. It claims to wear for 12 hours, and on me it looked pretty flawless for about 6-8 hours without having to be touched up (even after eating). It would definitely last 12 hours, but with a some fading.

It has a very unique applicator that seems odd at first, but actually hugs the contours of your mouth and applies really neatly and evenly. I suggest wiping off as much product as you can onto the mouth of the bottle before you apply. It is opaque after just one layer, and too much product will just end up on your teeth.

I will say that on deep dark skin tones the shade does tend to look more orange rather than neutral, so if you're a fan of orange-y reds like MAC's "Lady Danger", you'll love this. If you're not, but you want to try this product for the features, then I would use a lip liner in a darker red or even a brown and shade in the corners of your mouth on top of the lipstick to make it more wearable.

As you can imagine, having fallen in love with this formula, I was determined to buy it in every color and had been waiting for FENTY to launch another shade. Just this week they released not one but TWO new shades, "Unveil", a rich chocolate brown with cool undertones, and "Uncuffed", a rosy mauve.


This will make a gorgeous nude shade on darker skin tones, and a cool bold lip on lighter skin tones that reminds me of the grunge-y brown lipsticks that were really popular in the 90's.


This is what I call a "bridal lip," because on light to medium skin tones mauves give you a finished look thats not far off from your natural lip color, just a bit deeper and more polished. On darker skin tones this is a gorgeous mid-toned pink that reads as bright without being Barbie pink.

I can't wait to get my hands on these! They're available right now on her website,, and at Sephora starting October 1st.

.:UPDATE:. One more! FENTY just announced another new shade, "Unbutton," a nude peach on lighter skintones that reads as bright peach on darker skin tones.


There are rumors that a fifth shade will be released soon, a black matte called "Uninvited." We'll see!

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