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Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette

I finally got this eyeshadow palette in the mail and I've been having a full-blown photoshoot because I'm so excited! 😭💄✨ It will easily replace half of the eyeshadow palettes already in my kit.

This is what I love about it:

✨Value: You're getting 35 full-size, very pigmented high quality eyeshadows for $38, so a little over a dollar for each shadow. Just one MAC eyeshadow, the exact same size and quality, is $16. Even if you got just the pan without the packaging, the way they sell them to create your own palette ($6 per eyeshadow), putting together a palette like this would cost you $210. ✨Versatility: it's probably one of the most balanced palettes I've seen in terms of having both neutral and bright colors in shimmer and matte finishes that work well together. If I had to choose one eyeshadow palette to use for the rest of my life, I'd feel confident choosing this one knowing I could still do that "no makeup" look on my brides AND all the crazy stuff I do on myself.

Top to bottom: Royalty Twerk Pool Party Jada Queen Creamsicle Firework Hunts Cranapple Jacz

I highly recommend it! ✨

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