Skincare for Oily, Acne-prone Skin

So I got the idea to do this because a friend recently asked me to recommend some products for her since her skin’s been freaking out and being no bueno, and I wrote out this whole long FB message for her and sent it and then thought, “There are probably other friends of mine that would want this information..” so here it is! Basically just copying and pasting the conversation for laziness reasons.

This is what's up!

  • First on the agenda, buy a Clarisonic: Personally I would just get the “Mia 1” which is their simplest, cheapest model:

Clarisonic Mia, $99.00

Clarisonic Mia 1, $99.00

It's cute as heck, it comes in lots of fun colors, and it's just as good as the more expensive ones it just doesn't have as many features as the others. I don't even use half the features on mine so yeah, just get the Mia and call it a day.

  • Pretty much any cleanser you use is going to perform better for your skin if you use it with a Clarisonic brush. This is what I have used for years and love: (available at Kmart & Walgreens, most other drugstores)


Clarisonic also makes cleansers and you'll probably get a little sample of one with your brush order so that'll be cool to try out.


  • Basically Mario Badescu is like the ultimate skin God for people who are acne-prone, his Drying Lotion is holy grail status. You've probably already heard about it, it's a spot treatment. I have a little bottle in my house at all times for breakout emergencies, it will literally clear your sh!t up overnight:


  • I also always have a bottle of the Buffering Lotion which isn't a lotion at all, it's actually really watery, but it works like some crazy voodoo magic on cystic acne. Those are the really deep blemishes that you can't ever pop, you just have to ride them out. This stuff is the business:


  • And last but not least this is my favorite mask ever, I've been using it since I was in highschool: They changed up their packaging/logo so you might see it in a tube that looks like this:


So yeah that's pretty much everything I would recommend to you! Another big thing is just not neglecting to moisturize because people with oily skin like ours tend to think they don't need to but ALL skin types need moisture no matter what.

It seems counter intuitive, but depriving your skin of moisture because you think your skin is too oily will actually make it oilier, because your sebaceous glands will start to overproduce in order to compensate.

Same thing will happen if you're using too many drying products at the same time. I only use that mask like once or twice a month. I also try to limit how often I use the Drying Lotion even though I'm tempted to use it almost every day, it's better to save it for really bad spots because it can be a bit harsh if you use it every day.

That's it, let me know if you have any questions and like or comment if you’d like to see more content like this. <3

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